Hi there, we are Lida.Livarte. We help people to design and renovate. We can wait to talk to you! Feel free to ask us anything via the Contact Us.

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About Us


Our Mission

We strongly believe that what moved us forward is nothing but having a good-faith of sincerity (真), benevolence devotion (善), and aesthetic execution (美).


Art and Craftsmanship

Interior design is a notion of art. A design with meaning is the one that gives a strong artistic focus, which leaves you a deep afterthought.


Passionate group of team

Passion is what drove us forward in a highly competitive market, and held our stance. It is also what inspired and motivated us to move forward.



Our team is the most valuable asset in LIDA & LIVARTE. We gathered a good number of certified talents from different sectors to deliver you the highest quality of work.


After-sales service

To make sure our clients are always in-sync with our work. We schedule and provide after-sale followup. We take pride in fulfilling customer's satisfaction!


Flexible Budget-to-Planning

By putting ourselves in customer's shoes, we plan and craft a good design based on the idea budget.

We create our own sensuality.

Your design should tell a story of your identity, and be a collection of what you love. In LIDA & LIVARTE, we strongly believed that every good design we built for clients has a sensual effect toward the atmosphere and environment for your home or business.

Our team of experienced designers carefully curate every single design in a way that best aligned to client’s main goal.

Over the years, our projects speak for us. To name a few, we have been involved in residential, restaurant, retail, office and more. You can check out our portfolio for more.

And very thanksfully, we built our name around the Johor Bahru area.

Our Team


Combines over 9 years of expertise in art direction and design across interior designing, renovation and decoration. He able to produce visually compelling designs with programming standards in mind, and with regard to usability and functionality. Mr Tong is the key design thinker and been involved in the initiation and development of ideas on most projects and has particular interest in conceptual development. His design skills range from strategic advise to detailed project design, transforming a detailed brief into an efficient and enjoyable solution. Apart from being an interior designer, Mr Tong is also an artist which held his own art exhibition in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


In today’s market demand, good service attitude and excellent communication skills is a very important part of our field. Our aim is to help owners to express their ideas on the design and concept and showing them with perfect finished product. In this industry for seven years, Ms Shanno has been dedicated to giving customers the fun experience of design and decoration. I think to fulfil owners needs is our first priority, and secondly, I personally pay great attention to after-sales service to ensure that customers can not worry about the work entrusted to us.


With 10 years of experience in design and renovation industry. Mr Seven has contact of the various design jobs. He is familiar with business operation, schedule arrangements, great attention toward details, and to strive perfect presentation of the requirements from the owners. He believes that building and design must be in close contact with all kinds of materials on the market so that customers can use the appropriate materials to complete the design, reduce unnecessary cost burden. Our team embrace the enthusiasm for design, we hope that all customers can have their own design. Regardless of wealth, everyone has the right to enjoy design and creativity from every design.

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